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Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor born on March 8, 1984 served great time as an ex-captain of New Zealand team in different formats including Tests, One day International, and T20s together with the Under-19 level. The dashing player made his entrance in international cricket at the age of 22, is still contricbuting for the kiwis through his outclass performance. Tailor, who is also popular among his closed ones by the name Rosco, possess the honor of fourth-highest run scorer for New Zealand. The player has wide ranging of fan following all over the world, mainly due to his classical batting shots includingslog sweep and lofted flick that has been made on his own. Rose Tailor is regarded among the famous and top players of the world with his excellent record comprising of 17 Test Hundreds and 19 ODI hundreds. The best part is that Ross slammed 181* runs against England, the day before he turned 34. In the history of cricket, the player like Rose Taylor will always be remembered due to their determination and commitment with their passion.

Ross Taylor views 2023 ODI World Cup In India as Noteworthy

Earlier in the month of November, the New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor speaks to the media during an interview explaining his interest and great hopes for the 2023 ODI World Cup in India. The commentsmade by Ross Taylor entails that he is just five games behind from becoming New Zealand's most-capped international cricketer, among all three formats of the cricket. He claims that 2023 will be a stretch which is now dragged out to October and November '23. Upon asking his views by the interviewer, he said that a player must have both, long term as well as short term goals but in case of ODI World Cup, he definitely sees the event on the radar. he also added that “I might have to trim things back leading into that, I'm not getting any younger. It doesn't mean I will make it, but it's definitely one of my goals”.It seems obvious with his eye-catching performance that the 36-year-old player will probably go past Daniel Vettori's mark of 437 international caps for New Zealand in the course of his home series against West Indies.The two great and favorite international teams New Zealand and West Indies are scheduled to settle in three T20Is and two Tests which will be initiated from Friday, November 27, 2020.

It is now predicted that Ross Taylor is on the point of creatinga new history as New Zealand has returned to international action, eight months after they played last match. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted to an early conclude to New Zealand's home summer. Taylor is said to be determined as he is just five matches short of becoming the most capped New Zealand cricketer. Also, with the full home season returning, he must go past Daniel Vettori's arrivals for the national team in all formats of the cricket.While looking at the history, Vettori's number looks seems like a foregone end, but the right-hander has already set his targets on a forthcoming fifth World Cup appearance.

According to Taylor, the impending record is merely the numbers and nothing else for him.Tailor added that he has always been contented to share his contribution for his national team. He believes and aims to restore his position that he once had, but according to his mentor, Martin Crowe, the records are always meant to be broken, no matter how great they are. He was of the view that his scoring records can never sustain for too long as players like Kane (Williamson, currently on 291 caps) and many others who possess similar determination, passion run goals can beat his record and can set the higherbar.

It has been since March when the pandemic has halted the journeys of cricket, Taylor had experienced very small cricket that ultimately depicts that continues to spent plenty of his time with his family. However, in the late August, Ross Taylor appeared in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Instead, his level of contentment is much higher now when he is back to the grind now. He remarked his views that  a player who is also a parent always love to spent time with his family, however, there is a small portion of his interest and mind that is still engaged with his passion and for him that is cricket. He also added that keeping in view the hectic schedule of the international players and back to back tours, it is nearly impossible to have such a lengthy break as there was always supposed to be an excuse of game whilst spending time with family. He expressed his level of joy by saying that the period during which he spends times with his family is something that can never be vanished from mind. However, still he is a cricketer and not getting any younger therefore he would like to avail the opportunities like World Cup 2023 to be the benchmark for his career.

Ross Taylor ‘Not Sure’ About Playing 2021 T20 World Cup; Might Retire

During an interview conducted in August 2020, Ross Taylor remarked his views for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2021, by saying that he has no clear idea about whether to participate in T20 World Cup or not. He also mentioned that he might plan for the retirement which might be the reason for his refusal from playing T20 World Cup 2021.It was clear from his interview that for current scenario, he is more eager towards continuing the 22 yards after the long pause that occurred due to pandemic Covid-19. It was then in March when New Zealand last played their international cricket against Australia, however the series were cut short due to increasing cases of pandemic Covid-19. As for now, the kiwi teams have decided to postponed all of their tours that included Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland and West Indies. 

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