Australia Cricket Former Captain Ricky Ponting Revels the Controversy in India

Australia Cricket Former Captain Ricky Ponting one of the most Success full Captain in Cricket History. During his Captaincy Australia Cricket team Won two Consecutive 50 Over Cricket World Cup 2003,2007.This World Record in Cricket Field. Now Come to the main Point. Australia Cricket Former Captain Ricky Ponting Reveals the Secret

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, one of the world’s most successful cricket captains, called the “Monkey Gate” scandal the worst moment of his career in 2008.

During the test series between Australia and India in 2008, the spinner Indian Harbhajan Singh called Australian monkey Andrew Symonds.This is Worst World to said any Cricketer to other Cricketer.

ICC, International Cricket Council Take action and Harbhajan Singh was suspended for three games, but was lifted after threatening to end his tour by the Indian junta.

Speaking of which, Ricky Ponting said it was difficult to lose the Ashes series in 2005, but at the time, everything was under my control, in 2008 the “Monkey Gate”

scandal occurred, so things were out of my control.According to the former captain, this case has also expanded ties between the two countries.

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