Bangladesh Cricket player Denote their half Salary for epidemic Covid 19.

The Bangladeshi media reports that the Bangladeshi cricket team donates half of their monthly salary to fight the Corona virus. Bangladesh Cricket Team player Partnerships with the government co-finance the Corona Virus to combat this global outbreak.

In this regard, all Bangladeshi players also issued a statement on social media, and the statement said that the whole world is fighting the global epidemic Covid 19. The media are trying to inform them of the steps necessary to prevent them, and with the information provided, we also believe this is not enough, so we have 27 players on the Bangladesh Cricket Council. They give half of their salary to the Local Govt to buy Necessary Equipment  for Bangladeshi People against COVID 19 .


The players said in their statement that the amount would be around 27 lakhs, which may not be enough for this battle, but if we all add our share together, it will be easier to compete. The team said that if we try to take responsibility and contribute wholeheartedly instead of criticizing others, we can win the war against the Corona virus.

Finally, the players expressed their best wishes for an outbreak by directing people to stay indoors. In Bangladesh, the number of people has increased to 18,892. In Bangladesh, 5 people have died from the virus so far, while the number of victims is 39

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