Does T20 World Cup and Asia Cup is going to Cancelled


Does T20 World Cup and Asia Cup is going to Cancelled .After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for a year, a large series of cricket and major tournaments around the world have also been plagued with uncertainty and uncertainty. Cricket matches can be postponed if conditions do not improve.

An ICC spokesman told Tuesday from Dubai that the conference call is scheduled for March 27-28, but its agenda has not yet been set. The ICC has to update its directors on various topics at this conference call, while the ICC meeting is scheduled for May. The original meeting was postponed due to the Corona virus. A meeting will be held in May when conditions improve. The ICC, on the other hand, says preparations for the T20 World Cup are underway. The T20 Asian Cup will be held in September, while the qualifying round will start in Australia in October.

Scheduled to be located in Sydney. The Pakistani cricket team will visit the Netherlands, Ireland and England two months later. The Pakistan team’s tour due to the corona virus is also uncertain. The PCB is making cautious statements about future series and tournaments and believes that the Asian Cricket Council and the International Cricket Council are busy preparing.

Pakistan Cricket Board Executive Director Wasim Khan said during the PSL in Karachi a few days ago that there could be threats to the Asia Cup and the T20 World Cup in October if Japan does not have the Olympics in July. We are monitoring the entire situation. At a press conference on the video link four days ago,

Wasim Khan once again expressed the same concern that the Asia Cup is in grave danger. It should be noted that Pakistan is the host of the Asian Cup, but it intends to organize the tournament in the United Arab Emirates. On Saturday, Wasim Khan said that the cricket team’s future visits to Ireland, the Netherlands and England would depend on conditions in these countries. It is not natural that Pakistan is in the West Indies in England. The West Indies Board has also explained this. The first test between Pakistan and England will take place at Lord’s on July 30, so there is no end point for this series.

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