How much cost bear india economy if IPL indian Premier League does not schedule this year 2020.

IPL Indian Premier League is well known as Indian Cricket league. Eiffel is one of the biggest Cricket League in the world. More than 2 billion people watch IPL matches in TV live streaming. The question is is how much lost bCCI and Indian economy if IPL suspend this year. IPL Indian Premier League is started 23rd march 2020. But unfortunately iPL schedule is is postponed due to Corona virus thread.

How much cost bear india economy if IPL indian Premier League does not schedule this year 2020.


The new Re-schedule of IPL 2020 is 15 April. If iPL does not schedule in 2020 until unless, 15 April.
IPL, indian Premier League brand value in 2019 is 475 billion in Indian rupees and 6.7 billion dollar cricket League. IPL 2020 is thirteen edition of IPL. There is no comparison between IPL and any other cricket leagues in the world like Pakistan super league big Bash League and Caribbean Premier League all are total net worth is less than 6. 7 billion dollar. IPL is number 6 according to the worth of the band value.

How IPL 2020 affected the franchise owner

IPL 2020 Eight Team contribute more than 4752 crore indian rupees. If IPL is suspended due to corona virus threads 2020. This is higest Lost any League in the world.


  1. Rajasthan Royals              | 271 crores
  2.  Kings XI Punjab                | 358 crores
  3.  Delhi Capitals                    | 374 crores
  4.  Sunrisers Hyderabad        | 483 crores
  5.  Royal Challengers Bangalore | 595 crores
  6.  Kolkata Knight Riders        | 629 crores
  7.  Chennai Super Kings         | 732 crores
  8.  Mumbai Indians                  | 809 crores

IPL team franchise owner his complete budget for the IPL 2020. But unfortunately due to corona virus all the player who arrived for IPL 2020 is going back to their country because of franchise on the budget is out of order. IPL franchise owner is completely uncertainty situation after the post phone of IPS schedule 2020. Everyone know about IPL is a multi-million dollar premier League which also contribute the Indian economy.

IPL 2020 Cancelled India Economy Effects

IPL is famous for the people involvement in Indian premier League IPl country to more than 11.5 Indian rupees in Indian economy. Amount is more than 150 million dollar. IPL 2019 10 % of total GDP of Indian economy. IPL 2020 total brand value 480 crore 6.7 million dollar iPL all team spend total money to buy a player for the IPL 1.4 billion Indian rupees to buy 62 IPL player.
BCCI is get the revenue from the people. When people in engagement with IPL. Most of the ground is full iPL matches 2019. BCECE total revenue is 46% of the ground engagement with people. Most of the state or province state government all local government decide bane schedule to selling IPL 2020 Tickets.
After the suspend of psl 2020 semi final due to corona virus thread.their is highest chance iPL 2020 suspended due Corna virus.
BCCI have several option for IPL 2020. IPL 2020 cancel postpone until next year 2021.CCI set to earn over Rs 2000 crore from IPL 2019.There is big Factors to sell tickets.So lets see what happened utill 15 April Reschedule of IPL 2020.

Susponser Loss BCCI Loss India Economy Loss Owner loss
500 Corers Indian RS 2000 Corers Indian RS 11.billion Indian RS 810 Corers Indian RS



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